Integrated Laptop Webcam ALI 5602 chipset issue

Hello to everybody !!!

Im writing because i have a little problem to configure my Webcam.
Im using a notebook with an incorporated camera, the problem is that it seems to be detected ( lsusb here ):

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0402:5602 ALi Corp. Video Camera Controller

… and configured in /dev/video0

It seems to be the ALI 5602 … the driver is: gspca_m5602

After 8 months of searching the web, Im not found a solution for this problem …

When I try to start using the camera ( like Skype, aMSN or Kopete ) the indicator led of the webcam turns on and seems to work but nothings happend, shows no picture …

Testing with de IM program KOPETE the webcam led turns on and I only able to see a large green screen, once again … NO PICTURE, NO WEBCAM …

Apparently the camera its accessible because of the led … but im really frustated with this … please i need help … :frowning:

Im running openSuse 11.2. Help would be appreciated!!

Thks a lot!!

What brand of notebook are you using?
Have a look at this link:
[SOLVED] Squeeze sees ALi Corp. Video Camera but it doesn’t work - Linux Forums](
If you suspect you need to switch it on, you may need to enable this with a specifice hotkey function for the notebook.

Im using a PAckard Bell EasyNote Model MX765 … I dont have to switch it on, there is no hot key for the camera …

Why i never get helped ??? :(( the only bad side of this is that i have to run Windows …

Iam new user sorry but my english is so so. The problem with this web cam in this case is on hardware side. The optical sensor is working with chip processor and this chip making the trouble. This problem is not fixable and you need to replace web camera module. This is regular USB camera and only you have to look for module with will fit in that place. The size of module is 6mm X 9mm.
That all if you have question regarding this mail me please