Insttalling codeblocks from source code

Steps for Insttalling codeblocks from source-code

./make install

but now codeblocks not run and the error is:

codeblocks: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Finally I found solution and I should run

codeblocks ~/Downloads/codeblocks_20.03_amd64_stable/codeblocks_20.03/sources-20.03/src/sdk/.libs/

or one time run


after make install

I wrote the solution for who may care.
But in general I don’t know why there is something else I should run after make install.

Sounds like you installed as your user rather than system wide? Why not ask for the Leap 15.3 repository to be enabled on OBS? Or just grab the src rpm and rebuild locally and install that?