Instructions for building PHD2 on opensuse

This is might be entirely irrelevant to aks such a question in this forum,

But facing an issue which is more into my lack of knowledge about building application on OpenSUSE.
I need to use an application called PHD2 ( telescope guiding software).
I know it is part of Fedora repository and I’m using it at the moment.
However, as I have started to use Tumbleweed as my daily driver, I need to create that application on OpenSUSE as well. I have read about OBS checked the download page of applications ( and just Fedora was there.
My question is, what is the best method to create that application into my OpenSUSE ? is OBS is the way I should use? any suggestions? Advice?
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Yes, OBS is the way to go, have you built rpms before?

I had a quick look, so created a test package for you to try out at version 2.6.5;

Package Project:
Spec File:

Looking at the git version now, but it has some build errors, so I would suggest sticking to the released version, unless you really need the git version?

Also, the prefix you selected if for leap 15.0, but you indicated Tumbleweed, which version of openSUSE are you using?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m more than surprised now to see how quickly you created this and the level of support.:slight_smile:
Really appreciate it.
You are right, that leap was wrong. I’m using Tumbleweed.
I haven’t created any RPM package before so, I wanted to take this application which I’m using as my first move to OpenSUSE world and
learn about OBS and its process of working and testing.
Version is not that matter for me, so I will stick to your advice using release version.


Well feel free to take the spec file I created and use for your own OBS project, looks like the newer version in git is wanting to use a third party usb lib for the Orion StarShoot Autoguider, hopefully your not using that model?

OBS makes life pretty easy to build things… :wink:

Many thanks for advises.
It seems there is problem on Repo link.
Added the repo but getting this error all the time :] Valid metadata not found at specified URL

Any suggestions ?

sorry for my previous quote.:frowning:
The package you built is works perfectly for me.
That was my mistake on installation.
Many thanks again, specially for spec file ;):good:
Hope I can mange to build such a package myself .


So what hardware are you using phd2 with?

I’m using Sky Watcher HEQ5.