Installtion of failed

It fails if i try to install . With the default driver i can use only resolution 640x480.

Graphic Card: GeFORCE 7600GS
Kernel: Linux linux-aqyn 4.16.3-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Apr 19 20:56:06 UTC 2018 (2fd48c5) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Its the default installation, nothing changed.

I think that the 4.16 kernel is supported only by a patched version of the 390.48 nvidia driver, or by the new 396.18 driver.

I checked, and see that your graphics card is supported by 396.18.

In your shoes, I’d give it a try. Good luck!

In your link, you missed the line…

The 304.xx driver supports the following set of GPUs:
GeForce 7600

It will need patching, not sure about the 304.x series, I have a 8800 card running a patched 340.106.

Suggest you head to the Nvidia forums to see if there is a patch, post back here if you find one and not sure what to do.

I missed it, alright. Thanks for the catch, malcomlewis; wishmasterf, apologies for the bum steer.

Your driver is too old. Use the newest driver possible. Check the NVidia driver website to see if you card is listed.
Ref: Unix Drivers Portal Page


Refer to this website for patches and other things related to the kernel and NVidia drivers.

304.137 is the latest for Geforce 7600GS.

**396.xx **does not support Geforce 7600GS. I need 304.xx. But thanks for the information, because now i have hope to get a updated driver too…


But thanks for the information, because now i have hope to get a updated driver too…

AFAIK the driver series is no longer supported by NVidia, so I don’t think there will be an updated driver.

The Linux 304.* legacy driver series is the last to support the NV4x and G7x GPUs and motherboard chipsets based on them. Support for new Linux kernels and X servers, as well as fixes for critical bugs, will be included in 304.* legacy releases through the end of 2017

You’d need to patch it.
I don’t know whether a patch for exists though.


Unless Tumbleweed can provide the 304xx G03 driver. It should be there when you add the NVidia drivers. I believe that we covered this on the Factory ML last year.
If you see the G03 driver then it’s patched.

But is the G02 driver, it’s no longer supported by nvidia and also not available in the repo for Tumbleweed.
G03 is 340.xx and doesn’t support a GeForce 7600 this thread is about.

I believe it’s time to buy a newer card
When my GeForce 8600 GTS card died last year I bought the GeForce 750 Ti and it works great on an older board.
And, I can use the newest driver.

Or use nouveau instead.

I suspect the reason for the low 640x480 resolution is that nouveau was still blacklisted (from some previous nvidia installation?).
Completely uninstalling the nvidia driver, removing the blacklist, and running “sudo mkinitrd” should give you a higher resolution.

Whether nouveau works fine or has problems with that card is a different question though, one that I cannot answer.