Installing XBMC on OpenSuse 13.2

Is it possible to install XBMC on OpenSuse 13.2 yet ?
Thank you.

I have no idea. But when I have such a questiion, the first thing I do is to use

And it gives some answers when you type XMBC there for 13.2. I do not know if those are what you are after.

I don’t see XBMC on (only “xbmc-noX” for RaspberryPi…).

But it is available on Packman, the “standard” multimedia repo for openSUSE:

The easiest way to install it is probably adding the Packman repo in YaST->Software Repositories->Add->Community Repositories (if you don’t have it in your list already) and then use YaST->Software Management to install it.
AFAIK the 1-click install on that page won’t work on 13.2…

Hm, I applogize.

The first thing I do is of course looking in YaST > Software > Software Management if it is in one of the repos I am subscribed to. And that includes of course Packman.

The above search action is then the second thing I do.

I assumed that looking with YaST was done by the OP. It is not very wise to assume anythiing, beter be sure and ask/suggest even what is most obvious to yourself. Mea culpa.