Installing wrong repository using kiwi-ltsp-setup

When I run the command << kiwi-ltsp-setup -n >> the process gets to the point where it starts
“Retrieving repository ‘http:__download.opensuse.org_update_11.3’ metadata”
What do I change so that it will read from my local update repository. The local update repository is already listed in my yast repositories while the http:__download.opensuse.org_update_11.3 is not.

To get LTSP related queries answered quickly use kiwi-ltsp-users mailing list, see: and

To change the repositories used see /usr/share/kiwi/image/ltsp/suse-11.3/config.xml and /usr/share/kiwi/image/netboot/kiwi-ltsp-suse-11.3/config.xml see /usr/share/doc/packages/kiwi/kiwi.pdf for more. All the details about kiwi-ltsp is here: Portal:KIWI-LTSP - openSUSE

However I do not recommend rebuilding image if you do not know what exactly you are doing, use the kiwi-ltsp-prebuilt image.