installing with a raid adapter

My son is expressing an interest in linux.
His pc has hard drives, with xp installed.
Would it be possible to install suse on a hard drive
which is hooked up via a raid adapter. His current
setup has two ide drives and the raid would hold suse.

I depends on the model, many of the “Fake” RAID controllers from Highpoint and Promise are supported.

There are however big caveats. Because the RAID format is implemented in the driver, it is likely to be impossible to share such a “Fake” RAID with another OS like Windows.

Presumbably you’re asking, because that’s where your spare space is, but I’d be surprised if you could dedicate the disks to Linux for an experiment.

Why not try a Live CD, but not install it? If he remains keen, may be you could find a way to free up a disk, on the motherboard controller.

There’s also versions of Linux, which are around to boot from a USB key, so you could buy a reasonable one with good capacity, then he can attach it and boot most modern PCs, and carry his Linux around with him, rather than rely on a disk installation. That’d also be recyclable should his interest and enthusiasm wane.