Installing Wine

I’m trying to install wine. First I’m not a hot shot Linux guy. I tried to follow the download instructions for wine.

  1. I downloaded wine_gecko-1.2.0-x86.msi to /usr/share/wine/gecko and downloaded wine-1.3.17-1.1.i586.rpm to /usr/share/wine
    When I try to install I get message that wine_gecko version>= to 1.1 is needed.
    What did I do wrong

Your question is short on details. Are you using openSUSE 11.4? From where are you getting the packages you mentioned?

The simplest way would probably be to open YaST > software manager and type wine in the search field and install from there.

I’m using OpenSuse 11.1. I was downloading wine_gecko from I downloaded wine from opensuse11.1.

Then I would suggest that, since you’re using an older version of openSUSE, that you download wine_gecko from the openSUSE 11.1 repos also. And if it’s not available, then consider updating your version of openSUSE. 11.4 is excellent!

Yes, Yast works a lot better. Thank you.