Installing VMWare Workstation and/or layer on openSUSE 12.3

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I’m trying to install VMWARE Workstation and/or Player to my openSUSE 12.3, the installation finishes without any problems but when I try to run it, it asks for where the kernel headers are, I point it to where the kernel source is, but it doesn’t take it, I checked Apper but there is no package called kernel headers, so I did install kernel devel and kernel source, they both create a folder in /usr/src, I pointed to both of those folders, but it still doesn’t find the headers.

Where should I point VMWare so I can use it on openSUSE 12.3?


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I see two possible reasons, which can cause this problem:
You didn’t mention, which version of vmware you are trying to install. You will need workstation 9.0.2/player 5.0.2 for kernel 3.7 used by 12.3

It seems that you didn’t install kernel-<flavor>-devel, if you are running kernel-desktop that wouls be kernel-desktop-devel. To vaoid missing packages if you are trying to build kernel modules , just install with yast the “kernel development” pattern.

You don’t need kernel-devel. Just install the package kernel-source.
Also ensure you have installed make and gcc.