Installing tumbleweed next to opensuse 13.1: anything to consider?

is there anything special to consider when i want to install opensuse tumbleweed next to an old opensuse 13.1 installation on a new harddisk?
My current system has an old opensuse 13.1 version installed as my main os, i plan to switch to tumbleweed as soon as wayland for kde is mature enough (maybe at the and of 2016) but because of different other reasons i want to give it a try now already.
So i bought a new harddisk and my plan is to install tumbleweed on it, so that in the end a have a dual boot option.
Can i just installd tumbleweed (choosing the right harddisk during the installation of course) or should i change the boot other in favor of the new hd first?
Will the timbleweed detect the bootloader (grub) on the old hd or do i have to make some adjustments ?

The booting details will depend on whether it is UEFI or Legacy booting.

For UEFI booting, the new install will probably take over. For legacy booting, it will continue to boot the old (13.1) system unless you can change the boot order in the BIOS.

However, it won’t matter. Either way you can have boot menu items to boot the other opensuse version. If you are using grub2 (or grub2-efi), then run

# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

to update the boot menu. If you are booted into the new system, there will probably already be a menu item for the old system. If you are booted into the old system, then that “grub2-mkconfig” command listed above will update the menu to boot the new system.

If the old system uses grub-legacy (sometimes called “grub1”) for booting, then you can use Yast bootloader to update the boot menu and add an entry for the new system.

Ok thank you, i will try it like that.