Installing to run off USB

Having a Tumbleweed installation on fast USB stick available at any time is never a pitfall. IOPS are lower and cpu load is higher. My machines have plenty of RAM. Tumbleweed on the stick performs well. I also troubleshoot machines of other users and prefer it to a live or rescue system. Use a stick with an appropriate controller:

**erlangen:~ #** smartctl --info /dev/sdd 
smartctl 7.2 2021-06-06 r5225 [x86_64-linux-5.15.3-1-default] (SUSE RPM) 
Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, 

Model Family:     SanDisk based SSDs 
Device Model:     SanDisk SSD U100 64GB 
Serial Number:    044fafae1 
LU WWN Device Id: 5 001b44 0fa44e1fa 
Firmware Version: KM.10.00 
User Capacity:    64,023,257,088 bytes [64.0 GB] 
Sector Size:      512 bytes logical/physical 
Rotation Rate:    Solid State Device 
Form Factor:      1.8 inches 
TRIM Command:     Available, deterministic 
Device is:        In smartctl database [for details use: -P show] 
ATA Version is:   ACS-2 T13/2015-D revision 3 
SATA Version is:  SATA 3.0, 6.0 Gb/s (current: 3.0 Gb/s) 
Local Time is:    Thu Dec  2 12:25:58 2021 CET 
SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. 
SMART support is: Enabled 

**erlangen:~ #**

Re-examined my requirements. A 64GB pen drive would have been barely sufficient. Decided that compared to a 128 GB or higher pen drive, an external 500GB SSD HDD would give me plenty of flexibility and be cost effective. Installed on it and am using it right now. Thanks everybody.