Installing to Linux partition

Recently deleted windows and attempting to install opensuse. At the partitioning the message is to format an existing OS and there is plenty unallocated, but I cannot seem to target same. I do know how to manually partition and would appreciate any help. Had I had where-with-all would have taken screenshot.
Please advise and thanks from challenged old man

Hello and welcome!

Partitioning can range from being simple to a bit challenging depending on your needs. A simple partition setup is to allocate 1.5x of ram for a swap partition and then use the rest for the operating system root, or /. If you have no data you are willing to save you can tell the installer to create a new partition setup, choose which drives to install on, and if you want a separate **/home **partition for your user data. Usually having a separate home is a good idea unless you are very low on drive space.

It might get slightly more manual if you want to delete specific partitions or use your own layout. Under create partitioning there is a mode for manual partitioning. I hope I can get you started!

I have a short article that might be helpful to read as well.

You can always ask more pointed questions if they come to mind after you read this.

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At this point do
Click here:
Use First option:

The installer will do the rest

And when I understand the OP correctly that he has nothing left on that disk that is to be kept, the “use the whole disk” is the best to use IMHO.