Installing Thunderbird for SUSE Linux v10.3

What is the step-by-step procedure to install
Thunderbird Software for SUSE Linux version 10.3
I am new at SUSE Linux and need help to install
software on SUSE Linux v10.3.

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By SUSE Linux version 10.3 are you meaning openSUSE 10.3? Which desktop Environment you are using, KDE or gnome?This might help.

First you have to add Mozilla repository and install from there. To do that:

Goto program menu (for KDE, K Menu) > open YaST (here you have to enter your root password) > Software > Software Repositories > add > Community Repositories, and add “openSUSE BuildService- Mozilla” if not already added (you can add others if you like.

Then, YaST > Software > Software Management > search for TnunrerBird and checkt “MozillaTnunrerBird” > Apply (or Accept)

And you are done. :smiley: Hope I made it understandable. Let us know in case of any problem or version difference.

Attempting to install Mozilla Thunderbird for
Open SUSE v10.3 in a KDE desktop environment.

Is there a special version of Thunderbird for
open SUSE linux v10.3?

If so what is the website url download link
for Mozilla Thunderbird for SUSE Linux?

Installing Mozilla Thunderbird in OpenSUSE 10.3:


That is the default repository for OpenSUSE 10.3, so it should be installed. If it is not, go into YaST Package Manager (or the Repository Manager) and add the Specific URL above to the manager. Once you have added the repository, open YaST Package Manager and search for the package named “MozillaThunderbird” (entering “thunderbird” into the search field should bring you to the package. Select the package and install it. If that does not work, you can use the 1-Click Install for Thunderbird found below.

1-Click Installer

Hope that all goes well for you! :slight_smile: