Installing the NVIDIA drivers the easy way?

I need to install the driver for my NVIDIA GeForce 630 video card. I see there is a hard way, but is there an easy way? I ran the installer but it states I have to disable “Nouveau”. How do I go about doing that?

Easy way go to yast add the nvidia repo in software management look for NVIDIA install the version for your card.

Note if this is a notebook it is likely a hybrid graphics and requires bumblebee. DO NOT INSTALL the normal NVIDIA driver There is a special one for Optimus hardware (hybrid Intel + NVIDIA)

Hard way read the instructions on the NVIDIA site

I see from SDB:NVIDIA Drivers and in reading the notes for Tumbleweed that the only real way to do this is to update the hard way. I tried to add the NVIDIA repository as you said but there was no such repository. So I guess the best way is the hard way or do go to an opensuse version that is not tumbleweed or leap.

Unless you have a dual graphics ( Optimus ) hardware, there is no other way. You can install, setup and use DKMS to automate the recompile of the driver on a kernel update