Installing SuSE 11.4 onto a Win7 system

:\ Hi, I have a desktop with a 640gb HD and a 2TB HD. I have windows 7 installed and a couple of other partitions. My 2nd HD, the 2TB drive is my F: drive. I want to create a 100GB partition for SuSE 11.4 abnd install it…however, during the install SuSE wants to shrink the volume and I don’t want to use but 100GBH. What is the easiest way to properly install the OS? I am not real familiar with resizing and creating the root / , and swap etc. Could someone please help! Thanks in advance!

  • MontiCiski,

what you need is free disk space which isn’t “blocked” by Windows. So you probably need to indeed shrink the existing Windows partition. Make a backup, defrag your Windows partition and let either do the openSUSE installer the shrinking, or use a third party tool like GParted.

Does that help?


That dopes help…I have 2 HDD, one which has Windows7 on it…the other is a 2TB with SOME windows files on it…will try GParted. Thanks