installing suse 11.3 on a system that had a software raid

I would like to install the new Suse version 11.3 - since my old system is in a kind of messy state…
I have three hard disks where on the first I had two partitions for / and /home .
The other two hard drives where used as software raid (mdadm) and mounted at /daten .
What would be the procedure to get the new system on / and keep /home and reactivate my /daten software raid?
I remember having a lot of trouble doing the same when upgrading to 11.1 - back then a friend of mine took some hours to get it working…
I remember that the problem back then was that the system did not mount the raid on startup - so my friend was messing around with the startup scripst…
Any advice for me?
Cheers Andr’e


That’s a pain… :wink:

I recently tried to reset ex raid drives using gparted, but had no luck. I was however successful at completely resetting the hard drive using this assembler method. (however un- pallatable it may be.)

Oh, now, pleas don’t tell me that I have to restore all my data on my raid…
On the raid I have my rsnapshot backup of my home directory - a lot of hard links…
Cheers, André

I know a guy who spent 3 hours trying to install oS 11.2 with RAID and never get it done. He disabled it… Sorry, but it really is a pain… :confused: