installing spamassassin and having spamassassin efficient immediately

How to install spamassassin and to have an immediately efficient spamassassin ?

to get an efficient spamassassin you need to train it with 3000 spams and 3000 hams (you must train with an equal quantity of spams and hams to avoid a bias of the Bayes filter)

who wants with its personnal pc to wait for one or two years to have an efficient spamassassin ?

read this about training spamassassin

Solution :

  • ask for spamassasin to activate internet filters

  • add dcc , pyzor , razor internet filters to spamassassin

  1. Ask spamassassin to activate internet filters

in kmail , spam filter assistant installer creates 2 automatic filters and 2 manual filters.
in every filter remove if it exists the parameter “-L”

if you use Spamassassin daemon (spamc/spamd)
[li] instead of spamassassin perl version[/li]then
in /etc/sysconfig/spamd file
search the statement

SPAMD_ARGS="-d -c -L"

then delete “-L”
restart spamd with yast service management tool

  1. Add dcc , pyzor , razor internet filters to spamassassin

for installing dcc and pyzor install them with
for installing razor then install razor-agents and perl-razor-agents packages

  • warning

if you choose in kmail assistant spam filter installer , spamassassin daemon
the assistant creates a filter to manage detected spam with a false condition “yes”

replace “yes” by “YES”

condition “yes” is for spamassassin version < 3.4.1

condition “YES” is for spamassassin version >= 3.4.1