installing software

OK - I recently made the switch from being a lifelong Windows user to Linux. I am wanting to install some software that I downloaded. It was packaged as a “tar.bz2” file.

I can open this (or unzip it), but I am not sure what do with it from here. I do not see any kind of install file. There was a readme file, but it was not of any use.

Where do I go from here?:\

Hmm, using a tar.gz ? are you sure you want to compile ? normally, YaST - software management is used for installing new software. Which piece of software are you trying to install ? Have a look at Webpin if you can’t find it in YaST -software management.If you still wish to compile the program,let us know what it is & we will see what we can do


Please don’t try this just yet. Most software can be added via Yast - Software Management.
You can search for software here: Webpin

You should probably follow this Multimedia guide before anything:
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

EDIT: Ditto Andy!

OK - my wife wants me to install GIMP as a replacement for our VERY old version of Photoshop that we ran in windows.

I went to GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program (I think) and downloaded the file. It stored in my desktop folder, but I obviously don’t know what I am doing in Linux.

I switched from windows to Linux out of MAJOR frustrations with windows, and software issues related to windows. But in all of my frustrations, I haven’t really taken the time to learn how to effiecently run the Linux OS.

I found the software using the Webpin link you sent.

Cool, best thing to do, go to YaST- software management & type in gimp. it will appear in the right side on it to place a check-mark in the box.Then, at the bottom right,click on accept & the software manager will install it. You may be asked for the install disk that you used to install openSUSE,so have that handy


I thought Gimp was installed by default (DVD)?

I don’t know if it was installed or not…How do I figure that out?

I didn’t purchase the SUSE DVD, I picked up a free distro copy - does that make a difference?

No it doesn’t matter. Except maybe it was a live cd rather than a DVD?

In Yast - Software Management
It should open in the search filter, just type: gimp
The Packages will show on the right
Installed packages have a tick in.

It’s a steep learning curve. So take your time.