installing software help

ok, total newbie here with linux :shame:

i have opensuse enterprise desktop 10.? on a HP 2133 mini netbook.

i’m trying to update firefox, i’ve downloaded it, it’s on my desktop, ok, what now :\

any help would be great, as i do want to give linux a good try

Don’t know much about Suse Enterprise, there is actually a seperate forum for enterprise I believe but I’m not sure of the link

Installing most software in Opensuse though (as well as most other flavours of linux) is a different approach to windows in that it’s done through what are called package managers

On your menu, under System, Configuration in Opensuse, you should be able to find something like Install Software, or a program called Yast

In Yast’s Software section you’ll see something like Software Management, open that and there you have your package manager (Install Software opens the same thing)

Once that’s open, just type firefox in the search box and tick the box at the side of Mozilla Firefox in the list that comes back, then click Accept

That downloads the appropriate firefox package for your distribution and installs it for you

thanks for the reply Ecky.

i’ve got into the software management, and i’ve searched for firefox, but it’s only showing V2.???.

maybe thats whats compatable with this linux??

Possibly mate

But it could also be it’s only finding the version off the installation disk, take a look at adding software repositories so that you get up to date stuff

Having said that, once the firefox is installed it will update itself anyway

Probably better off on the novel forum
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) - NOVELL FORUMS


I did point out that Enterprise has it’s own forum, just didn’t know where it was

As geoffro says bjproc you’ll get more relevant info there

Best of luck

thanks guys, i’ll take a look over at the other forums