Installing SAP on lunix and ftp,telnet enabling


I am very new user of Linux. I am going to install SAP Solution manager on SUSE linux 11.0. I have 2 queries:

  1. After installation ftp and telnet are not working. I tried enabling it using yast but after selecting ftp it is going directly to a URL. How can I enable ftp and telnet.
  2. For SAP Solution manager, could some one give an idea what would be the file system structure?

FTP and telnet are services and are usually not only disabled by default, but usually for good reason. SSH is the preferred method to log in and since telnet is a security risk, its use is normally disabled. Do you HAVE to use telnet or could you use SSH? SSH gives you a lot more flexibility and can also negate the need for FTP with SCP and SFTP being a part of it.

Also, the file system structure is similar to that of common UNIX/Linux systems. What specifically did you need to know?