Installing Ruby on openSUSE

Have published a somewhat rough but tested (as much as I can) Guide for installing Ruby on openSUSE.

Although a basic version of Ruby is installed by default likely because YAST is written in Ruby, there are various scenarios where the default is not sufficient, including

  • A Ruby app complains about “file not found” or other Ruby errors
  • A Development environment is being set up to support creating either Ruby or Ruby on Rails apps.

The “Install Ruby on openSUSE” guide describes

  • installing Ruby from openSUSE repos (including the special Ruby “extensions” repo)
  • Installing Ruby from the official Ruby repos.
  • Installing and using rbenv when installing from official Ruby repos. There may not be another description how to do this anywhere, typical instructions are based on Debian/Ubuntu.

The Guide’s end result is a Ruby environment with the additional pieces to develop web apps like Ruby on Rails and static websites using the Jekyll framework (the recommended framework deploying free websites to Github).

This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, sometime in the future i intend to create a sister and similar article for doing the same for Python, since I’ve seen questions posted to the Forums that should have been addressed by doing what is described in this Guide.

Any comments, improvements and corrections welcomed(Just make your change or message me). This early version is admittedly a bit over-verbose and may benefit from some formatting and enumeration to clarify some steps.