installing questions


I use Kubuntu, but i want to try Opensuse because of some issues with Kubuntu.

I have my home partition on a seperate partition to upgrade the system without interferance with my home partition. Do i need this also for Opensuse?

When there is an update of OpenSuse, do i need to upgrade the system or reinstall the system?

Are there things completely different between the two operating systems? (except ubuntu is using deb files…)

allready thanks.

Hope that helps.

One thing is common between these two, both are LINUX with kernel.
Packaging system is different in both, installation is different.
In ubuntu synaptic is the package manager, here Yast will work all the way.
Deb is for Kubuntu/ubuntu and RPM is used here.
Zypper is used instead of apt-get.

Update, if i am getting you correctly, you mean distro upgrade from version to newest one, rite?.
Yup is possible, but not recommended.this will do it.

zypper dup

Fresh installation is better in this case.

ok, tx!

i’ll give it a try!


One possible gotcha in the move to openSUSE is that openSUSE numbers users from 1000 and I think Ubuntu numbers them from 500. If so, simply using the same user name will not work. You will need to change the user number of the folders and files.

Tx for the tip…

I Kubuntu, i’m user 1000, so this is a possible option to test both!


I have used ubuntu for quite a long time and I prefer opensuse by a mile… I find that software packs are easier to find with rpm search… especially when you are trying to install something like Oracle EBS… I have had very few difficulties using Opensuse… and any issues have always been answered on this forum… not quite the experience I had with Ubuntu…GO OPENSUSE!!!rotfl!

tx for the advice, but i’m back to kubuntu…
Opensuse didn’t even gave me a display, but just a black screen after installation… (Also after a restart…)