Installing qt6-base


I’m trying to install the qt6-base package as it is needed for normcap to run. I was told to do it when I opened an issue here.

Now zypper search gives me qt6-baseonly as a srcpackage. I tried building it:

sudo zypper si qt6-base
cd /usr/src/package
sudo rpmbuild -ba SPEC/qt6-base.spec

Now I have the .rpm in /usr/src/packages/SRPMS/qt6-base-6.2.2-lp154.6.7.src.rpm

sudo zypper install ./qt6-base-6.2.2-lp154.6.7.src.rpm
'_tmpRPMcache_:qt6-base=0:6.2.2-lp154.6.7' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of '_tmpRPMcache_:qt6-base=0:6.2.2-lp154.6.7' found.

I’m a bit lost here, could you please help?

Because this is source package and you need binary packages that are built from it. These packages are all available in repository, there is no need to compile them manually. I cannot say which one(s) you need because there is no real error message pointing to some missing library, but if you search for libqt6 you will see most of them.