Installing qt5 and qt6 with qtcreator

I have installed qtcreator, qt5 and qt6 on tumbleweed from yast with patterns (choosing qt5 AND qt6).
However, when I open qtcreator and want to create a new project ONLY qt6 is shown.
Also in preferences in the Kits section, it only shows qt6 (6.5.0).
How can I add qt5 kit? Maybe only the directory it is in already helps…


If I read Qt Creator manual correctly, kits are added manually. Maybe you can clone existing kit and change Qt version?

Adding Kits | Qt Creator Manual

Hi Thanks,
I have added in "Preferences->Kits->Qt Version the qt5 qmake (qmake-qt5) in directory “/usr/bin/qmake-5” and then added a Kit in “Preferences->Kits>Kits” referencing the above qmake-5.
I thought when installing from repository this would work automatically…