Installing qemacs on SUSE Enterprise 10 SP2...


As I checked, I did not see qemacs in YaST utility. How can I install qemacs?


zypper se -s qemacs
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name   | Type    | Version       | Arch | Repository       
  | qemacs | package | 0.3.1-216.112 | i586 | openSUSE-11.1-Oss


OK, just saw it’s SLED/S, if not available, ask in the SLED/SLES forums (and don’t use packages for other distros, it will most possibly bring you in trouble with dependencies).

Thanks for your reply.

I am very very very new in Linux. In fact, I am prepare myself to Linux+ exam. How can I install it through YaST.

P.S I am using 10 SP2.

Thanks again.

If it is not available for your distro, you don’t.

I would also suggest asking your question in the SLED/SLES forum.




I’m currently building qemacs for you (SLE 10) using the buildservice. It should be shortly available from my repository (when it syncs it)

OK, it’s in sync now, you can get it from my repo (URL in my signature)