Installing Printer Fuji Xerox C525A in Open Suse10.3

As the title, is that possible?How, i know how to do it in windows, but totally dumb in Linux:|

Are you going to install for your desktop or network printer.
1st there is no driver for C525A in linux, you have to download it from fuji website. I configured it for network on opensuse 11.1.
I have the driver for linux. If you need it i can pass to you.

Yes, on my network printer, and yes please pass me the driver, how?just tell me.

You can PM me your email address.

After that, open CUPS in browser by pointing to:


And follow the on screen instruction to install it.
At one point it will ask you for driver, so you can use the browse
tab to browse for the file.

You have to unzip the file of driver. and use .ppd file as a driver.
There are also some on screen instructions to follow, you need to copy some files from the unzip file to some usr directories.

But don’t worry about that, CUPS will tell you how to do that, and where to copy and which files.

Moved to Hardware as it’s more a hardware question, not about installation of openSUSE