Installing/Partitioning: How wipe out everything on there?

I have a computer with opensuse 11.0. It has partitions:

/dev/sda 34GB
/dev/sda1 1GB Linux Swap Swap
/dev/sda2 13GB Linux Native /
/dev/sda3 20GB Linux Native /home

But I want to wipe everything out and start all over, installing openSUSE 11.1. I want to reformat it. How do I do this?

When (in YAST) I choose “Create Partition Setup…”, it won’t let me change anything! I tried right-clicking, deleting, but it won’t change any of the setups. What can i do to make sure it wipes everything out and puts in all new partitions (and where do i specify them)?

I always use Parted magic to wipe a delete all partitions and make up new.

Why is that? Is the installer bad at it? Does it leave stuff?

BTW, I finally figured it out. I had to select “Hard Disks” and find /dev/sda and click on that.

Parted will do lots more than just that it has great features. Use it all the time. The suse partitioner is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best IMO.

But at the installation you can say “Use the whole disk” (might be after selecting “Expert”, not certain). And that does everything.

Quite true, I couldn’t remember just which point it showed that option too.