installing over older ubuntu

I want to install SUSE over a (now) damaged Kubuntu installation.
(Like many others last upgrade trashed the install - enuff is enuff)

Is there any way to do this and not lose all the data and programs installed under Kubuntu?

I made a current “trial CD” of SUSE and am impressed.
Now it is time to get serious - any “gotchas” (snags) in installing to disk and then updating overnight?
(In the land of Oz it is still like dialup!)

BTW: Am very much a non-techo, but want to escape M$ finally…


It’s unlikely that ubuntu created a separate /home partition. By default it doesn’t. So a manual backup is the only way to keep your info.

fdisk -l

will display your partition and drive info.

Otherwise you can use all the space from ub, and split it in to :

you should have a swap that you can use.