installing other language on openSUSE 10.3

Hello all,

I have to install another language to an openSUSE 10.3.
The problem is that after selecting the language the system is requesting the CD but I don’t have one.

Can I force the system to update from the Internet repositories or something like that?


Try your luck with this one:

Mind, 10.3 has met it’s end, it’s no longer officially supported. You have to consider upgrading to a more recent release one of these days. The address above used to serve 9.x packages as well, not anymore.

Thanks a lot!It’s really helpful.

I know that 10.3 is no longer supported but I have to work with 10.3 it’s not my choice to upgrade or not.

Thanks again!

This is happening for one of two reasons; the program you are installing requires some software from the CD or you still have the CD listed as a repository. If it is the latter, simply delete it from the list of repositories and all will be well. If it is the former, you will need to get an original 10.3 distro.