installing when there allready a mySQL-db exits [on opensuse 13.1]

hello dear linux-experts

i run opensuse 13.1 and i allready have installed mysql db
it is up and running.

i want to do some work with openstreetmap-data and perl - retrieving data ( Pois ) from a planet-file and stoging them in the database - see all my intention

in an overview
i think it is interesting to use

regarding the use of - what it does for me;

Install mysql server
change root password (maybe create user/password for osm use)
create osmdb.ini in program folder and put in two lines (user=name AND password=abc)
create database(s) (tables, indexes etc. will be handled by
Install perl DBI module
put in module folder (like

note; i allready have installed the mysql-databae.
 does this create any conflict if i now try to install

Or can i try to install it - and go round all the conflicts?
love to hear from you