Installing OS on Hp 550

Hello to all. My name is Tincho, and I´m from Argentina.:wink:

I have an HP 550, with 120 GB´s hard disk, 2 GB´s of RAM (4 GB´s in a near future) and Core 2 Duo @ 1.4 Ghz.

I wish to install OpenSuse on my notebook, but I have some questions about it:

  1. I´m afraid about my notebook temperature core. I wish to know how OpenSuse regulates the temperature on notebooks and what software may I use to monitoring this.

  2. I wish to increase the amount of RAM (from 2 Gb´s to 4 GB´s). What I need to install from OpenSuse to use 100% of the entire RAM?. Windows (32 bits) use only 3 GB´s instead of 4 GB´s (or more).

Well, that´s all for now. I hope that all of you assists me and I apologize for my poor english. lol!



  1. Don’t worry about it. It will work without issue

  2. If the processors are _64 which 2 core duo are I think, Install _64 SUSE and you will be fine with as much RAM as you can get in it.

32bit will also use all the RAM by employing the PAE kernel