Installing Oracle Java (JDK)

Am asking for anyone/everyone to test the scripts I’ve written to install Oracle Java into any 32bit or 64bit openSUSE (particularly non-x86 architectures).

Have posted a brief description with links in the Discussion part of the current SDB for now.
When there has been adequate testing, the SDB <may> be modified. If the substantial changes I’ve made are not accepted, I still am willing to maintain these scripts for the foreseeable future.

Read the link above(post at the bottom currently) for a brief description of the many improvements over the current SDB I’m proposing.

And, of course the aim is to make installation nearly brain-dead. At the moment the User may feel the need to do extensive reading and may run into issues following the current SDB. The scripts aim to automate as much as possible and hopefully get a JRE and JavaC compiler installed within a couple minutes with hardly any effort.

Any comments or errors can be posted either as a reply to this post or in the github “issues”


An update on this,
My scripts still work fine for Oracle Java 7(Install your Oracle SE JDK 7 in 15 sec), but Oracle Java 8 was released a couple weeks ago.

I don’t see that openJDK has released a “v8” yet, but that may not be totally unexpected.

I have taken a brief look at what it takes to install Oracle Java 8 into openSUSE, and there are substantial changes which require more time than I can apply. I have PM’d various people who contributed to the “Install Java” SDB asking for help but they may be busy. If anyone is interested in doing <any> kind of basic work in researching (or just understanding) the basics of what needs to be done, I’d be willing to modify my scripts to install Oracle Java 8. Anyone interested in this, PM me and I can describe what I’ve concluded to this point.

A thumbnail on openJDK and Oracle Java:
For most people, simply running openJDK should be sufficient to run a JRE, from what I’ve read openJDK and Oracle Java are 100% compatible running a JRE (at least starting with v7).

The main reason why people will want to install Oracle Java is for the compiler (javac). I’ve read that Oracle owns proprietary bits that openJDK has not been able to reverse engineer, so if someone wants to <build> Java projects, Oracle Java is a usual requirement.

When openJDK is installed, by default <only> the JRE is compiled and implemented. An openJDK compiler can be built from source but as I’ve described is not popular due to the fact the app may not run on Oracle Java.