Installing openSUSE with win 7

Hi everybody i don’t know wheather i am posting in right place or not?please forgive me

after downloading th 4.3 Gb .iso openSUSE 11.4 i found that i cant install it beside my window lol! ,i have trouble with greating a suitable partition for openSUSE .

my problem is that i have three primary partitions and also three partitions ,and softwares don’t allow me to create a ext4 and a swap partition for this guy ,i wanna know can any body give me a solution???:slight_smile:

Alright, you have three primary partitions and one extended partition with three logical partitions? I didn’t know there was a limit on logical partitions.
What type of errors are you getting when you try to create your partition?
If it’s a space error, in Windows Right Click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, Right-click on a parititon and shrink.

i know almost nothing about win7, so someone else has to give you a direct answer, i can only point you here:

Install openSUSE alongside Win7/Vista - A Guide

which will give you some help, until the Cavalry arrives…

i don’t have any extended partitions,
by using partition manager softwares i gained about 100 gb unallocated spaces,and when i tried to create extended and swap partitions from that 100 Gb ,nothing was enable,i mean when i right click on that unallocated spaces, this is my real problem,and an other thing,
is it possible to create required partitions from openSUSE setup???without any loss of data?

Like DenverD, I don’t know a lot about Windows7 - and I cannot ride by the way. You don’t create Extended AND swap. You might create swap WITHIN extended, meaning extended is just a container for all the logical partitions you might create, whenever you need more than 4. Yes you can do that from openSUSE setup. The best approach is to resize your Windows partition in Windows, because who else knows its own filesystem better than Windows? Once this is done, you can either leave the space unallocated, use a live system like PartedMagic to create the partitions in advance, create them manually in openSUSE setup or even let the setup create them for you (although I personally don’t like this option). With most partitioning tools (including openSUSE partitioner) you don’t create the extended partition. It gets created automatically when you add the first logical.

Thanks GOD i finally installed openSUSE 11.4 beside Windows 7lol!

Assuming he was involved in this process >:)

I don’t wanna make it philosophical but GOD is behind everything even Computers!!!

Hmm … I guess I’ll have to add some debugging routines to my setups.

if  "$GOD" ] ; then
do something
do nothing

or better (you never know)

if  "x$GOD" == "x" ] ; then
do nothing
do something

Never mind. I’m just kidding. Enjoy dual booting Windows and Linux! (you’ll find out which one is the most evil). And if you have other questions, may GOD help us provide adequate answers … O:)