Installing openSUSE w/ liveUb over Ubuntu

Hy everyone,

I’m a “new” Linux user, have been using Ubuntu for the last year with no problem but I decided to try out a different distribution to get more experience. So I decided to go with openSUSE (which I have been using on a VirtualMachine back at work).

I have download the ISO, created an liveUSB (because my laptop dvd isn’t working properly) and wanted to install openSUSE on the hard drive partition where currently Ubuntu is.

So, I suppose that in order to do this I should choose the option “Import mount points” and select the Linux partitions (drive and swap) and that would be it. But since I’m a newbie I just have to be sure. If anyone could put some light in to my head I would appreciate.

If I said something that isn’t correct (both in english or technical description) please do forgive.

Thank you!

It is not clear from your post if you want to overwrite your Ubuntu installation with the openSUSE one or that you want a multi boot situation.

It is also not clear from your post if you want to save your user(s) data as stored in his/her/their home directories.

It is also not clear from your post what the present partitioning on your system is and as your question is about partitioning, we should imho know how it is atm to make any statement on how it should be changed (or not).

Thus a few answers and the output of

sudu /sbin/fdisk -l

might help immensely in giving you advise.

Hi hcvv

Thank you for your response. I want to overwrite the Ubuntu installation, the data stored in the home directories can be erased since all my data is on a different disk.

My laptop has two hard disks (c and d) and my Windows OS is installed in my C: and with Ubuntu I made a partition on D: with 25 Gb plus 526 of swap memory (not sure on the last one…). The remaining space on D: is used to store my data.

I can only access my laptop tomorrow, I will give the output then.

Thanks again.