Installing OpenSuse Tumbleweed - some insight

hello community,
I thought I share some insight while struggels with my Tumbleweed install.
I repeatedly started the install.
This ended like my installed system ( the installation went fine ) but
I only could start the graphical recovery mode.

I tried really a lot of things , including forum proposals in that matter,
nothing helped.

Long story short at some point I realized, that the problem was using my
ventoy stick.
I made a deicated USB stick just for OpenSuse ( using multiwriter app )
Than it just ran , no problems anymore.

I hope this helps some other users with the problem, only getting in the
graphical recovery after install.

Regard A. Gaal

Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy the distro as well.

This is a known issue: Create installation USB stick - openSUSE Wiki

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yes thanks, indeed, very much so :slight_smile: