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I’m new to opensuse, so please excuse my gaffes if any. I’d like to install the latest opensuse server edition on my laptop. Is that for free? Also, I have a laptop with windows Vista, 3MB Ram and 80gb hardrive. Any links to the installation will also help.


There is no “server edition”, there is just one openSUSE product stream, which is free to use. However you certainly can run services on openSUSE, you don’t need to run a desktop. If you are looking for an Enterprise product, then you might want to look at SLES, for which you have to pay Novell for support.

PS: I think you will need more than 3MB of RAM to run Linux.

On Wed April 28 2010 09:56 pm, ken yap wrote:

> PS: I think you will need more than 3MB of RAM to run Linux.
or Vista for that matter.

I have an old 68000 system that runs “Idris” with just 1MB of RAM.

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do you actually want to install a sever on your laptop…or, are you
instead thinking about how much more stable and predictable is the
Windows Server product line when compared to their desktop line?

if it is the latter, and if you actually are seeking a dependable
desktop system on your laptop, then just install either Gnome or KDE
with your openSUSE downloadable free from here:

you asked for “links to the installation” which i gave above, but
believe me when i say you will save a LOT of time if you do a little
reading before you begin trying to install…see here:

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I think that you have a typo in the RAM since vista won’t run on 3 Mb RAM. Perhaps u mean 3GB?