Installing Opensuse on an external drive

Hi thinking of installing opensuse on my home computer now after seeing it worked well on my office desktop. I’d prefer to install it on one my my external HDs (since I got vista on my internal one taking up the whole partition).

Just wondering whether this would affect the performance of opensuse in any way? Additionally I guess I should make sure to install grub in the external HD.


If you are going to use opensuse regularly, then installing it on external hard drive is a bad decision.

I estmate that the disk rw speed is several times less through the USB connector. However, it is the same through eSATA connector. And it may be quite difficult to install an OS on an external USB HD and boot from it successfully.

Either squeeze the Windows’s partition, or install a new hard drive for opensuse.

Many have done so.

If you decide to go ahead with the external HD, can you make a /boot partition on the Vista partition? Normally 100Mb is enough. Then you can install GRUB on this partition and you do not have to have the external HD plugged in use Vista.

But, as ZStefan says, there are downsides to using an external HD regularly for an OS.

I am currently running 11.2 rc6 off an 8 gig usb thumb drive
doing an update to 11.2 final

Its pretty slow but I don’t have any swap enabled