installing opensuse on amd ryzen 3700x with x570 chipset


i’m trying to install opensuse leap 15.1 on amd 3700x with x570 chipset (tried thumbleweed but it just hangs/corrupts screen upon boot)

installation media for leap 15.1 boots just fine but it doesn’t see sata drive connected to amd raid x570. Quick googling reveals this resource

my question is does opensuse has repo for this package or there is other way to load driver for this chipset under opensuse?

You need to switch RAID to AHCI, is this dual boot?


yes i’m planning to dual boot, it’s alienware aurora r10 ryzen edition. it comes with preinstalled windows 10. and I have win10 partition on sata drive already. so I’ve resized sata partion to free some space for linux

regarding switching raid to ahci… is there special tool for it? (i don’t see anything related in bios)

if I switch will it preserve existing ntfs partition?

if no, is it the only option to proceed? (what about mentioned rcraid-dkms?)

AFAIK you would need to re-install winX, the switch should be somewhere in the BIOS, if not perhaps a query to Alienware folks to see how it’s done.

You may install openSUSE on additional drive.
How many drives you have?
Do not use AMD RAID with Linux - use software RAID instead.