Installing OpenSuse on a different partition from Windows XP

I read the newbie faq
Installation/11.0 DVD Install - openSUSE

And it only said how to install opensuse on a partition with an existing operating system. I’d like to install it on a different partiont. Does anyone know how this can be done without getting grub errors?

Yes this is quite possible and is what most people do starting out with linux so they can still have windows but also boot into linux.

What you’ll have to do first is allot room for openSUSE to be installed on your current hard drive. Usually the installer will do this, as it says on that page. So go ahead and try to install onto your computer and let the partitioner resize the windows partition. If it says anything at all about deleting any partitions come back here and tell us. We’ll need to take a closer look at your hard drive.

Also to help you, you might want to look at this how-to.
Installation - OpenSUSE 11.0 / Win XP Dual Boot - openSUSE Forums

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So if i want to install opensuse on a separate partition from windows, i must install it on the same partition that windows is on, first?

I would suggest you do the following:

Defragment the windows partition fully, with a good tool.

You can go into expert partitioning mode and resize the windows Fat32/NTFS type partition to allow yourself space for a Linux install.

Then, install grub into the boot sector of your hard drive (as part of the install) and format your remaining space as follows:

/boot 200MB
LVM (the rest)

Then you can resize your partitions easily at a later point in time. I would give yourself:


Thanks alot for the link to that guide ijbreak, i was able to boot up opensuse successfully. Also thanks for giving some input mark.

Glad to see you’re up and running!

Hope the rest of your transition to linux is smooth, and Welcome to openSUSE!