Installing openSUSE DVD image with USB

Hi, I downloaded the DVD installation image and I followed the instructions for a Live USB stick here ('cause I don’t have any DVDs with me right now). When I tried booting the USB, a black screen comes up saying “isolinux.bin missing or corrupted”.

I’m on Xubuntu 14.04 right now. I did a dd on the USB to write the ISO to the USB. Was I supposed to do anything else? Make the USB bootable?

I’ll try doing a dd and write the ISO to the usb again.

No, the ISO is already bootable.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do anything else than writing the ISO to the USB stick (unaltered).

I’ll try doing a dd and write the ISO to the usb again.

This should work.
But note that you have to write it to the stick directly (f.e. /dev/sdg), not to one of the partitions (f.e. /dev/sdg1).

If it doesn’t work, something probably went wrong during the download.
So “verify the download integrity” as instructed on that page.

And do not download or copy the ISO image to a FAT partition. It is bigger than FAT’s maximum filesize and will get corrupted by the filesystem in that case… :wink:

Thank you for the fast reply. :slight_smile:

That must have been the problem. xD I wrote it to one of the partitions. I’ll go ahead and try that.

**edit: **What file system do you recommend?

For what?

For the USB stick? You don’t have to put any file system on it. Everything gets overwritten by the ISO anyway.

If you mean for the installation, well, I’d say just stick with the default which should be ext4.

You could try btrfs if you like the latest, but expect some problems as it is still experimental.
In my experience it is absolutely stable, but there are mainly two annoyances:

  • because of the automatic creation of so-called “snapshots”, it can easily happen that your disk gets full, although tools like “df” or file managers will still show a couple of GBs free.
  • if you explicitely set a boot entry to be booted (and this is done automatically when you hibernate f.e.), then this entry will be booted permanently without grub2 showing the menu anymore. That’s because grub2 does not have write support for btrfs yet, and therefore cannot set it back to default.

I meant the usb, but since the iso overwrites it anyway, nevermind.

Anyway, I’ve successfully install openSUSE. pretty awesome. Thank you so much for the help!