installing opensuse after ubuntu?

How to install openSUSE with Ubuntu in dualboot? I have Ubuntu 10.04 and i want to install openSUSE 11.2 without losing any data on hard disk.

There was a similar thread quite recently. Maybe this partly answers your question:

Adding openSUSE to GRUB 2

I would make a space on the drive for openSUSE (an empty unpartitioned space) and install openSUSE from theCD/DVD installer. It should make a bootloader that incorporates Ubuntu. But there could possibly be issues with the partitioning if you already have multiple partitions, so could you run this command in Ubuntu and post result here in case we have further advice:

sudo fdisk -l

+1. openSUSE has a nice graphical grub already set up. Ubuntu’s is black & white. It would look a lot better to let openSUSE install it’s version of grub to your MBR. and it will add an Ubuntu boot option automatically.

ok thanks to all