installing OpenSuse 15.3 on hp z800 - booting issue

Dear all,

I’m new to linux and I’m trying to do the transition from M$, but I have difficulties in booting & installing. Can you give me a hand? TA

I’d downloaded OpenSuse 15.3 from here:
According to this (, I’d used UNetbootin to write the image to the USB stick. The process went ok - it didn’t yield any errors.

I’m using a HP Z800 workstation gen 2 (2 Xeons x5690; 18GB ddr3; 120GB Kingston SA400S37120G SSD (on SATA5); 32GB Kingston USB3 stick). (System BIOS 786G5 v03.57; boot block date 11/10/09; there is no setting regarding UEFI/GPT in the bios)

In BIOS, I’d used the following configurations, but every time I get this message: "BOOTMGR is missing Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart"
(1) Storage > Storage Options > SATA emulation: IDE
(1) Storage > Storage Options > SATA emulation: RAID+AHCI

Now, I don’t have a USB2 stick big enough to fit the 4.4GB iso… what do you recommend me to do?

PS I will try to post this on the HP forum too
PPS to make things worst, I would really really need a fast solution

Try the Network Image (138.0 MiB) or get a larger USB stick.

The network installation process is slower than full .iso, but to compensate somewhat, you only download what you need installed, while you have a considerably larger packages selection to choose from. Only so much can fit on a DVD .iso. Plus, you know you have working network. :wink: