Installing openSUSE 13.1 having already Lubuntu

Hey, i’m pretty new on Linux, my first option was Lubuntu but i already want to try openSUSE 13.1, the problem here is that i already burned up a DVD ROM with the iso image, but when i restart my laptop it doesnt boot with the openSUSE installation, i already went on the BIOS and selected Legacy First, and still no change, when i select the DVD option to boot, it doesnt do anything, it only goes to Lubuntu Desktop again, i used to have win8 i dunno if that has something to do about it, i would really appreciate if anyone helps me with this! THANKS :smiley:

There are so many variations of BIOS and boot settings, it’s impossible to say. I suggest you check if other media you have will boot with your current settings.

This assumes you know how and have burned the media correctly.

You need to burn as an image this is usually noted as burn ISO in the burn software menus. Just coping the ISO to the disk will not work

Did you check the check sum of the downloaded ISO?

If you have an EFI BIOS and you have installed other OS’s in EFI mode then DO NOT install in legacy mode. Mixing modes can be done if you are an expert maybe if the machine supports mixed mode etc. openSUSE supports EFI booting so it is best not to mix. On the other hand if you installed Lubuntu in legacy it would be best to install openSUSE in legacy.


Show use the output of
fdisk -l
Note that is a lower case L not a one