Installing OpenSuSE 12.3 --- Is this the Correct ISO?

Hey All,

Just had a quick question…

I am going to install OpenSuSE 12.3 on a 64bit Dell Poweredge Server. Is the link below the correct ISO file I will need to do this install?

I’ve just finished downloading this one and just wanted to make sure I got the correct ISO to do a Fresh install on a 64-bit system…?

Or go to this page and search for “openSUSE-12.3-DVD-x86_64.iso”.

Thanks in Advance,

AFAICT that’s the correct one, yes.

Or go to this page and search for “openSUSE-12.3-DVD-x86_64.iso”.

That’s the same link, isn’t it? (apart from the actual file)
So you would get the same file. :wink:

Hey wolfi, thanks for the reply…

Yea, sorry I wasn’t meaning “OR this file”, I was just saying you could go to that ISO’s parent dir to see the actual Filename *(which I guess you could have just seen in the first link, but oh well lol)… And if that iso was wrong, I assumed the correct one would be in that parent dir too…

But anyway, thanks again for the reply, much apprecited. I will go ahead an burn that image… Thanks!

Thanks Again,