Installing openSuse 12.1 on first harddrive without dual boot


I would like to install openSuse 12.1 on my first harddrive /dev/sda. I have Windows 7 already installed on my second harddrive /dev/sdb. The Linux installation must not touch my Windows 7 installation.
Both operating systems must be bootable independently without a Linux boot loader (no dual boot) - I am going to select the harddrive to boot from in my BIOS settings.

What boot configuration options during the Linux installation process do I have to choose in order to arrive at the above mentioned setup?

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first disconnect the sdb(windows 7 one), then boot with openSUSE live CD/DVD & install openSuSE on sda. Then re-connect the sdb(Windows 7) & select your HDD in BIOS while booting.

I don’t really like the above, though it is correct.

As a note.
If windows was set as sdb and you install suse to sda, it would not touch sdb when installing the grub bootloader. But don’t assume suse sees your windows drive as sdb, make sure it does!