Installing openSUSE 11 on ESX 3.5 U2


I just wanted to test openSUSE 11 on VMware ESX 3.5 U2. I do realise that it is not supported officially by VMware people but I do run previous versions without problems.

However, this time, I am running into weird issue - I am trying to install 64 bit SUSE (ESX runs on HP DL380 G5 with two quad core Xeons and 16G RAM) and whenever I start install it tells me that it is cool software but the machine is only 32 bit… Which of course definitelly is not :wink:

Any idea what’s going on? The same ISO (download few minutes again) starts installi ng on VMware Workstation 6.5 without problems…

Many thangs for any info. Can I please ask for direct e-mail ( as I am having troubles to come here regularly due to my employers policies…

Hi there,

this is most likely becuase the virtualization options are not enabled for your CPs(s). Just enter BIOS and activate them. Depending on the BIOS it might be called a little bit different. Vanderpool etc…

So long