Installing openSUSE 11.3 over Windows XP

Hi all,

I have a laptop computer with Windows XP. I want to erase everything that’s on it and install openSUSE 11.3 32 bits. I do not want a dual boot system.

Can this be done as such from from the DVD, or do I have to use a program like Partition Magic ?

Thanks for your answer,


It can be done from the dvd – select expert options and delete the existing partitions then create a swap partition 2GB and a home and a root partition
Or you can delete the existing partitions first using a partitioner on a CD like Partition Magic, SystemRescueCD, Ubuntu Live, windows xp or vista or win7 install media (CD/DVD) or a hundred others. If you delete the existing partitions first you don’t have to think when openSUSE installer selects the default partitions for you using a clean drive.

PS welcome to the forums and to openSUSE, hope you have a long & happy relationship w openSUSE