installing opensuse 11.3 on my labtop

greeting guys…
iam facing some problem here , i have windows 7 installed on my samsung labtop . i want to install opensuse so it be dual OS on same laptop when i come to the disk part in installation is suggests formatting the whole hard disk including the hidden recovery partition as it don’t see win7 at all while i have 22gb unformated space for installing opensuse. can anyone help me plz??

I have another message thread on the same subject here. Why not read through it and then ask any more questions that you might have.

Dual booting OpenSuSE on my gateway

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How many partitions do you have? You can only have a total of 4 primary partitions. One of those can be an extended partitions where you can setup many logical partitions. By default OpenSUSE wants 3 partitions swap root and home. You can go to the advanced mode and setup the partitioning as you would like. Note without knowing exactly how things are set on your machine it is hard to give specific advice. If you can boot into a Linux based CD and supply the output of fdisk -l it would help us see what you have now.