Installing openSuse 11.1,11.0 on Asus K8N-DL

Hi all,

I’m here in because I just found something out about installing openSuse on above mentioned motherboard and maybe someone might help me here to explain.

I can install openSuse 10.2 on this motherboard with no problem.
When I tried install ver. 11.0 and ver 11.1 it would reboot itself intermittently during the install.
I tried everything I possibly could but it didn’t work until I found out about SRAT in BIOS.

When I disable SRAT in BIOS. default installation works with no problem. Even after installation if I enable SRAT openSuse 11.1 would restart itself for no apparent reason.

I have latest BIOS installed for the board.

I would appreciate any input or recommendation on this issue.