Installing OpenSuSE 11.0 on EeePC 900

Hi Folks,

I’m not linux expert but I’ve had a lot of success with Open suse 10.3 on my HP laptop. I’m now using an EeePC 900 and having gotten fed up withh Xandros, I’ve installed OpenSuSE 11. Sorting the display out didn’t take too long and everything is great … only trouble is I’m stuck on how to get the networking sorted out. Neither the Lan or Wifi configured as default. Yast tells me that I have an L2 100mbit NIC but that the kernel modules are missing. I’m stuck as to what terms to search for or how to configure this / where to download the right RPM … once I have wired networking the rest I think I can manage…

Any help / gotos very much appreciated!

There is an openSUSE web page here with EEEPC guidance:
OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE

For your wireless, you could try this directory as a repos: